One Way Trailer Rental

Find out about one way trailer rentals for moving and more

For long moves or cross-country business journeys, a one-way trailer rental can save a good deal of time and effort. Learn about the companies that offer this service and the prices you can expect for one-way trailer rentals.

Trailer Rental One Way

There is a growing demand for one-way moving trailer rentals as people move more frequently and over longer distances. And although a trailer rental one way can be more expensive than a round-trip rental, the time and hassle you can save by simply dropping it off at your destination can be well worth the extra dollars. There is a selection of companies that will offer one-way trailer rentals, but many will require that you rent your towing vehicle from them as well. This may work just fine for you, but be sure to book well in advance if you plan to move during the peak season, which is generally the end of May to the end of September.

U-Haul will be your best choice for a one-way trailer rental if you don't want to rent a moving van or truck to go with it. U-Haul has specialized in towing equipment for decades, and the sheer size of the company guarantees more pick-up and drop-off locations to accommodate one-way rentals. They offer everything from small enclosed cargo trailer rentals to car trailer rentals, and they also have utility trailer rentals one way if you need to transport large and heavy cargo.

One Way Trailer Rental Pricing and Requirements

A rental company will likely have to return the rental trailer back to its starting point, and they will pass along the cost to you. This means that one-way trailer rental can add a lot to your moving costs—up to a few hundred dollars extra if you are using a car trailer. Regardless of the type of rental, you will also need to rent protective padding for the contents of the trailer and insurance to protect the trailer.

One-way truck and trailer rental is generally priced according to the number of days you will need the vehicle, and you can pay up to $100 if you decide that you need to add days to your reservation. Look online for deals and discounts to avoid deposits and extra fees. A deposit may be required if you pay on the date of pick-up, but this deposit will often be waived if you reserve in advance with a credit card.

Your car must have the appropriate hitch and fulfill weight and design requirements to tow a trailer, which can pose a challenge for some people. If your car or truck does not measure up to the company's demands, it may make sense to upgrade to a larger moving truck rental size to fit all of your cargo and tow your vehicle behind you with a car trailer.

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