Cargo Van Rental

Get the facts on full size van rental and more

If you need more room than a car can provide but you don't want to drive an unwieldy truck, a cargo van rental will likely be your best choice for a moving job or equipment transportation. Get tips on the various types and sizes of cargo vans available for rent and where to find them.

Types of Cargo Vans to Rent

Due to its roomy interior and ease of driving, a full-size van rental is a popular choice for those who are moving residences. While moving services can be very costly, renting, packing and moving a van yourself will save you money and improve the chances that everything arrives unharmed. A full-size or utility van rental is also a good choice for a small business that may not have the capital to purchase a van, but will need to move equipment and supplies all the same.

For those who need to move people rather than cargo, a luxury van rental will be a stylish alternative to a typical passenger van rental. Many models come equipped with lavish leather seats, televisions and mini fridges to match the amenities of a limousine, and some companies will offer a chauffeur service. Compare car and van rental companies online to find a van that will suit your large group, and search for coupon codes to save up to 10 percent of the rental price.

About Cargo Van Rental

For most people, a moving van rental is only really needed to reach the destination, and so it can be a hassle to return it to the point of departure. The convenience of a one-way cargo van rental will appeal to those who need to travel a relatively far distance or are moving to another state, but this service will come at a price. The drop-off surcharges and high base rates for a one-way van rental can easily double the overall rental fee, but many of the major vehicle rental companies offer special coupon codes and discounts to shave off a few dollars.

Most of the large car rental companies will offer some cargo vans for rent—shop around online to find a deal that will suit your needs and budget. Keep in mind that your van rental will be limited to a specific length of time and distance, and you will be billed steeply for a late return or any extra mileage. And if you plan on moving possessions, you may have to provide your own furniture padding or straps to secure the cargo.

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